Taking the EDM Challenge

I berate myself near-daily for not drawing…I tell myself that if I really wanted to draw, I would have done so by now, so I might as well just give up on the idea.  I feel, though, that I’m shying away out of fear of failure.  As much as I want to quit, a greater part of me says that I never really gave myself the chance…that I’m overly harsh on myself when I just am starting out.  And how I SO want to be able to draw/sketch/illustrate (or, at least, I think I do!)

So I’m giving myself a big challenge.  All my self criticisms, all my negativities, all my doubts, all my back-and-forth angst on the topic is put on hold until after I’ve completed all the challenges, or, at least, filled my sketchbook.  Only then can I objectively decide whether I’m going to continue drawing or let go of my grandiose visions for good, without any lingering guilt.

I’ll try to post each soon after they’re completed.  Please feel free to give me shouts of encouragement, or reminders to get the nose to the grindstone and give it all I’ve got!

Here’s to #1:



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